1. All students must return every textbook and every part of every athletic uniform that has been issued for their use. You must return all library books and ace bandages or slings you may have borrowed from the nurse. The replacement cost must be paid for any item that is lost. All debts to clubs or other school organizations must be paid. Every unpaid debt or unreturned item becomes your obligation, which must be cleared before graduation.

2. Check the LOST and FOUND area in the general office.

3. If the textbook is not found, report immediately to your teacher who will issue a lost book slip. The student and teacher must complete a lost book/obligation slip (available in the teacher manual), including all required information. The slip must be signed by the student. The slip should be immediately returned to the library. The teacher may issue a new book.

4. Your name will be placed on the Obligations List. At the end of each marking period, report cards will not be issued to any student whose name appears on this list. You may clear yourself of obligations by returning either the lost item (if found) or its full replacement cost to the library staff, who will then issue the report card.

5. If your obligations include athletic uniforms or equipment, monies for activity fundraisers, or any other items which you return directly to your coach, advisor, or teacher, it is YOUR (the student’s) responsibility to obtain a written note that the obligation has been satisfied, and to bring this written note to the library staff so that your name can be removed from the Obligations List.

6. If your name is on the Obligations List at the end of the fourth marking period, you will not receive your final report card or your schedule for the coming school year. Obligations may be cleared during the summer by contacting the Main Office at 201-794-5450.

7. Seniors with obligations are not permitted to take part in the graduation ceremony or receive diplomas.

8. Complete information concerning end of the year obligation procedures will be available on-line.

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